Made in Britain.
Built to last.

A new range of air suspension,
and a completely new concept.

Intermotiv is a well established air suspension engineering company. We have worked with a number of air suspension manufacturers over the years, as well as manufacturing our own suspension systems. We know what works, and crucially, we know what doesn't.

We have combined a vast amount of knowledge and experience to create something truly better. Race spec components, machined to tolerances that are more at home within the aerospace industry. This is culminated with the use of top quality, multiple ply reinforced air springs.


Far more than just bags.

The air springs in every kit have been specified in accordance to the vehicle. The air spring volume and frequency is then fine tuned for each vehicle thanks to our unique design and some clever engineering, giving flawless handling and comfort at a wide range of pressures and heights.

Damping is arguably the most important element of a suspension system. We offer adjustable damping on most kits as standard, allowing the user to fine tune to their preference. But the dampers aren't generic and don't rely wholely on the adjuster valve to do the work. They are valved specifically to match the air spring, the car, and the road it's driven on.


Adequately Refined.

Real World Abused.

Our suspension systems are sold around the globe, but they are designed for our somewhat "unique" British roads - to amicably tackle fast, undulating bends and abnormal camber, but also potholes, speed bumps and bad surfaces. Stealth offers astonishingly agile, surefooted and capable cornering characteristics for both the road and the track.

We use dynomometers and state of the art metrology equipment in the design process, however we don't rely on simulators to test our parts in isolation. We know the components can withstand repetative motion and extreme temperatures, but this isn't real world testing. So we prefer proving grounds and fully functional longevity testing. Each system is given "extreme real world" testing on the vehicle before being introduced for sale.


Fully backed up

Comprehensively designed.

British engineered

Designed and made in England.

Designed for road and track use

Adjustable monotube dampers, designed for British roads.

Going down?

Designed for maximum travel, giving you the drop when you want it, and the lift when you need it.

Adequately tested.

All parts go through extreme real world proving before being released.

DIY and professional fitment

Comprehensive instruction manuals supplied with every kit.

12 month warranty

And beyond... Many parts are designed to be rebuilt, so future service won't cost the earth.